Common terms
The terms listed below are numerous common terms you come across when using our application. Understanding these following terms will help you get the most out of the app:
1. Affiliate registration form: The form that affiliates must fill out in order to participate in your affiliate programs and become an affiliate. By completing this form, they will give you their detailed information such as name, email.
2. Affiliate program: An agreement in which the merchant pays affiliates commissions. Our system categorizes affiliates by program, allowing you to manage each affiliate group with ease. You can set default commission rate for each program. So, in order to use our app for Affiliate marketing, you must first have an affiliate program. For the program settings, you must set a commission rule and amount, besides, you can have the option to set special product commission rules if you want to.
3. Referral order: Any purchase placed by a consumer as a result of the affiliate efforts will be considered as a referral order.
4. Affiliate link: Also known as tracking link. When affiliates are activated, the BixGrow system will automatically generate an affiliate link for them. Affiliates will then promote the merchant store using that link and any orders placed via that link will be considered as referral orders.
5. Affiliate coupon: has the similar goal with affiliate link. Affiliates can also use coupon to promote the merchant's site. Any order containing the affiliate coupon code will also become a referral order.
6. Network commission (Multi-level marketing): the commission affiliates receive whenever a referral order was placed thanks to an affiliate they recruited to the affiliate network.
7. Cookie: when customer visits the merchant's site, cookie is left behind. It keeps information about that person such as purchasing habits and website preferences. Thus, it can be used to track affiliate referrals.
8. Cookie duration: The time period that the system can track the referred orders after clicking an affiliate link. During this time, every purchase made by customer in your shop will automatically lead to commission for the affiliates (The customer does not have to click on the affiliate link, however, that customer must use the same device and browser when they made the first order)
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