Customize default affiliate link
This feature allows merchant to change the default referral link. Normally the link is directed to your store on Shopify. However, this feature is useful when you want to change the link direction to other pages such as a specific product link or collection link.
You can choose to customize the default affiliate link of a specific affiliate or all affiliates at once.

A specific affiliate

To change the default affiliate link of a specific affiliate, visit Affiliates tab > Affiliate List, locate the affiliate you want > click on their name.
After that, in Overview tab, click on Customize default affiliate link button.
Next, paste the new link you want to direct to on the left box and click Save.
Now, this affiliate will use a link that directs to the link you just pasted to promote your brand.

All affiliates

To change the default link of all affiliates, please go here to read the instructions.