Manual Payouts
Payments in BixGrow can be done manually or automatically (Paypal Integration)
For manual process, please be aware that the app will not actually pay your affiliate or link to any of your payment methods. The system just supports to collect affiliate payment information so that you can make a payment.
If you haven't set up a payment method, follow the instructions here.
Now, we will guide you how to manually process payment in our app.
1. Go to Payouts tab > Manual Payouts, where each affiliate's total commission will be noted.
Note: Only conversions that have been approved in Conversions tab will be shown in Payouts.
Before making payments, you can click on Details button in Actions column to check whether the commission of affiliates come from program commission (Conversion) or network commission (Network).
2. If you want to choose the minimum affiliate earnings before they can get paid, fill in your desired amount in the Minimum payout box.
For example, if you set minimum payout to be 20$, affiliate will have to earn at least 20$ in commission to get paid, meaning that any pending payments that are under 20$ will not be shown in Payouts tab.
3. To begin payment, click on Mark as paid button.
4. After that, a pop-up with payment information will appear. With these details, you will transfer money outside of the app (Payment amount can be adjusted)
In addition, you can leave a note for yourself or your affiliate to prevent further misunderstandings after making payments.
5. When you've finished paying outside of the app and entered all of the information, tick on the guarantee sentence and click Create payment to notify your affiliate.
6. All the paid payments will be shown in Payment history tab. In here, you can Undo payment at anytime or see the details of the payment.
When a payment is completed, it will appear on the Affiliate account as follows:
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