Manually add a conversion
In order to manually add commission, visit Transactions tab > Add conversion.
You can select to add a conversion using the order number or add a fixed amount commission.

Use Order number

If you want to add conversion using the order number, you need to enter the order number and then search for the affiliate name. Our system will automatiaclly calculate the commission based on the total sale and the commission rule of the affiliate program.
You can find the order number in Shopify admin > Orders > All orders.
Note: If the conversion has already been assigned to an affiliate, you cannot add it to another affiliate.

Fixed amount

In some circumstances, you might need to add a fixed commission amount to an affiliate.
For example, your affilites did a great job and you want to give them a bonus or the order is not placed inside Shopify platform.
To do so, select Fixed amount, then search for the affiliate and fill in the commission amount.
It is optional that you can enter the total sale or add a note for the affiliate.