Customize Affiliate Login Page
To customize the affiliate login page, go to Affiliate Portal tab > Affiliate Login. You can always see the preview right below whenever you make changes.


In Size tab, you can:
  • Change the size of the content (Log-in form box)
  • Change the top outer space (Margin top)
  • Change the bottm space between logo and login box (Margin bottom of logo)
  • Change the left and right inner space (Padding left/right)
  • Change the top and bottom inner space (Padding top/bottom)


In Style tab, you can:
  • Change the color of background, login form, title
  • Change the border radius
  • Change the font of the content
  • Change the style of the button


In Advanced tab, you can:
  • Choose to show your logo above the login form and then customize the logo size in here
  • Add your Custom CSS to further customize the Log-in form if you want
Last modified 1mo ago
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