Recurring bonus
Performance Rewards > Recurring bonus
With Recurring bonus, a bonus will be given to affiliates when they completed a target. A recurring bonus will be given to the affiliate for each target reached.
To set a target bonus for affiliates, go to Performance Rewards tab > Recurring bonus. Then, click on Add new recurring bonus to set up the bonus and the conditions that affiliates have to achieve to receive the bonus.

Create Recurring Bonus

  1. 1.
    Select the program you want to set up the bonus
Note: You can select more than 1 program at the same time
2. Type your desired name
3. Set when to give the bonus.
Note: You could select to give the bonus daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
4. Select the parameters for the bonus.
5. After this, set the bonus amount
Now, enter the bonus amount that you want to give to affiliates.
Note: The bonus amount is fixed and if you fill the bonus amount = 0, the affiliate will not receive any bonus.
6. Click Submit

For example

You set up a recurring bonus with these following features:
This means that for Program 1, if total weekly earned commission value (in approved status) is greater than or equals to $100, a affiliate will receive $10 bonus weekly.
After you set a Recurring bonus, the affiliate's dashboard will show as the following image that helps affiliates follow what they achieved.