Embedded Affiliate Portal
Settings > Embedded Affiliate Portal

Embed the affiliate portal into your store

In Settings > Embedded Affiliate Portal, you can embed the affiliate portal into your store.
First, enable Portal page and type in the portal path you want (for example, ouraffiliateprogram). Then, select the program that you want to have its affiliate portal embedded.
You can also maximize the browser by checking the Fullscreen mode checkbox. Now, click Save changes. This is a sample result:
If you just switched to a new Shopify theme, or the portal isn't working properly, sometimes it simply requires you to uncheck and check the Portal page enabled checkbox again, then click the Save changes button for new changes to apply. Contact our Support team for further assistance, or if you want to embed more than one page.

Add to your store's menu

To add this embedded portal to your store's menu, you must first go to your Shopify account > Online store > Navigation
Click Main Menu
Now click Add menu item. Then, enter a name and paste the link that you've just generated above (the portal path in BixGrow's Settings > Embedded Affiliate Portal Settings).
Finally, click Add and then Save menu to update your changes.
This is a sample result: