Affiliate Tiers
Affiliate Program Commission Tiers

What is Tiered Commission Structure?

A tiered commission plan incentivizes affiliates to put in extra effort by rewarding them with higher commissions as their performance increases.
Affiliate Tiers feature allows creating commission tiers with a condition that affiliates must achieve in order to level up from one program to another. In the app, tiered commission is paid to affiliates only when they reach a certain total earned commission value, total conversion value or total number of conversion.

How to set up?

To set up Affiliate Tiers, please go to Affiliate Tiers tab and switch on the Enable button.
There are three types of level-up condition in our app for you to choose:
  • Total earned commission value: total value of affiliates' approved and paid commissions
  • Total conversion value: total sales value that affiliates successfully refers (both approved and paid commission are counted)
  • Total number of conversion: total number of sales that affiliates successfully refers (both approved and paid commission are counted)
After choosing one of the three conditions above, set the program and its condition value accordingly for each tier.
  • A program can only be set with one level (Program must be unique for each level)
  • The condition value of higher-level must be greater than lower-level
  • The maximum number of levels you can set up is the number of your programs

For example

Assume that you select the Total conversion value condition type and there are 3 programs in your account.
You can set up the Affiliate Tiers as below:
In this setup:
  • All affiliates whose total sales are less than $1000 are still in Program level 1
  • Those whose total sales reaches $1000 will be leveled up to Program level 2
  • When they reach $2000 in total sales, they will be automatically moved to Program level 3.
Note: You can not delete a program if you have set the program in the Affiliate Tiers setting. Remove the program from the Affiliate Tiers setting if you want to delete it.
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