Settings > General

1. Auto-approve Order

Enabling this feature allows all brought orders to be automatically approved (normally marked as pending first and need to be reviewed - approve/deny). So please do NOT enable this if you want to approve each order manually. You can also select a certain number of days that orders should be automatically approved after they're recorded in the app to make sure that only fully paid and non-refunded referral orders are eligible for commission payouts.

2. Order Tags

This is where you can add special tags and make them auto-applied to all referral orders. You will first need to enable it, then click Show available variables and select ones that match your use.

3. Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection prevents your affiliates from misusing your programs by referring themselves and earning commissions. Enabling this feature can help you avoid fraud by blocking commission if a suspicious sale is detected.
We provide three types of Fraud Protection:

Same email address

Your affiliates' rewards will be prevented if both their and the customers’ email addresses are the same.

Same IP

Your affiliates’ rewards will be prevented if their and the customers’ IP addresses are the same (for IP address is a unique number assigned to a device, having the same IP address most probably means using the same device).

Same first name and last name

Your affiliates’ rewards will be prevented if their and the customers’ first and last names are the same.
Please keep in mind that there still is a possibility of two different people happening to share the same first and last name