BixGrow is an effective affiliate marketing tool to boost sales for Shopify merchants, and this is how it works!

Stage 1: Set up

BixGrow offers a default affiliate program and affiliate portal.

The merchant:

  • Create a program, and customize the affiliate portal if needed

  • Set up commission rules, email templates, payment methods, etc

  • Recruit affiliates for the program

Stage 2: Review

  • Affiliates sign up for the affiliate program

  • BixGrow informs the merchant of new affiliate requests via email

  • The merchant reviews the requests and decides to approve or deny them

Stage 3: Promote

The merchant:

  • Uploads marketing assets if needed

  • Assigns coupons to affiliates

BixGrow: Generates affiliate links for the affiliates automatically


  • Get the provided resources: affiliate link, coupon, or marketing assets

  • Promote the products or services using their own marketing channels

Stage 4: Earn

Customers place orders using affiliate links or coupons

BixGrow tracks the successful referral orders and informs the merchant & affiliates

The merchant reviews the orders

Stage 5: Pay

BixGrow calculates commissions and assists affiliate payments

The merchant pays affiliates their commissions.

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