About BixGrow
An effective solution for merchants for boosting sales through affiliate marketing

How does BixGrow work?

Stage 1: Set up + Recruit

BixGrow - Affiliate Marketing offers a default Affiliate Program with an Affiliate signup form.
The merchant would:
  • Edit (or not) the default program, customize the affiliate sign-up form and set up other characteristics of the program (coupons, email templates, payout settings, etc)
  • Invite affiliates to join the affiliate program by sharing the Affiliate registration form.

Stage 2: Get and review affiliates

Affiliates sign up to participate in the affiliate program
BixGrow informs the merchant of new affiliates and sends affiliates notification emails.
The merchant examines the affiliate status and decide whether to approve or deny the affiliate

Stage 3: Promote

The merchant:
  • Upload the shop's promotion resources on Creatives
  • Assigns coupon code to affiliates
  • Creates an affiliate link for the affiliate automatically
  • Ensures that affiliate link, coupon code and other marketing resources are clearly accessible for the affiliates in their account
Affiliates: Get and use the affiliate link, coupon code and marketing resources to advertise the merchant's store.

Stage 4: Earn

Customer makes an order after clicking the affiliate link or applying coupon code.
BixGrow records the conversion (referral order) after the order is paid and inform merchant & affiliates about the new conversion.
The merchant reviews the order credibility and then decide to whether approve or reject the conversion.

Stage 5: Pay

BixGrow calculates commissions and assists merchants in making payments to affiliates.
The merchant manually pays the affiliate.
Affiliates receive the commission.