17 May 2024: BixGrow 3.0 - the newer, the better!

App updates & improvements

1. Sleek new look

We're revamping our UI to align with the Shopify Design system. Say hello to a fresh UI that will not only help you open the app faster and get an overview of your setups at first glance but also super intuitive to use!

Just take a look at our brand-new seamless design, isn't it a total match?

2. Cleaner & simpler way to navigate

BixGrow's navigation is now embedded directly into the Shopify menu, making the app accessible right from the Shopify toolbar. Our essential features have become much easier to locate. You can see the huge difference with this comparison - it saves much more screen space!

Also, some features are relocated to a new tab called Extra functions. We expect this change to help you save time exploring optional features - they can be saved for later, and focus on setting up your first ready-to-go affiliate program as quickly as possible.

3. Effortless affiliate traffic tracking with UTMs

The option to add UTM parameters to your default affiliate link format has landed in BixGrow. Track your affiliate traffic with Google Analytics 4 at ease with a simple setup and dynamic variables - because why not?

4. Payment (Store Credit)

Store Credit's coupon redemption rules now assemble on a dedicated page that allows setting up and managing all at once! Just follow this Set redemption rules button after selecting Store Credit...

...and you'll be presented with our new flexible rules for redeemed coupons such as applicable purchase type or allow them to be combined with other discounts ~

Better than ever - Store Credit is now possible to set up as the default payment method for all affiliates - saving everyone's time!

5. Languages

It's never been easier to manage all of your affiliate portal's content in multiple languages:

  • Set the most preferred language as default

  • And select multiple more in addition. We offer 10 languages for your affiliate portal's content so that you can choose all languages that match affiliates' preferences. Unselected languages will not be displayed and will be opt-out from all language-selection menus for affiliates.

  • Or edit the Affiliate Dashboard's content in any language you added to the portal directly in its Customize menu

6. Referral program setup

An irreducible menu has arrived at the referral program! You can now customize your preferred display methods right after finishing the Rewards setup in the Program tab. Also, a new Settings tab dedicated to placing all program settings in one place promises next-level optimization!

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