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1. Reward send delay

Here, you can decide when the reward should be sent after the order is recorded. It's recommended to match the time limit of your return policy to make sure you don't reward canceled orders.

2. Referral landing page

A landing page is a URL that you want advocates to share and promote your products or services. All default advocate links in the program will be generated following this format.

3. Fraud protection

Fraud Protection prevents your advocates from misusing your programs by referring themselves and earning rewards. This feature can help you avoid fraud by blocking commission if a suspicious sale is detected.
We provide three types of Fraud Protection:

a. Same email address

Your advocates' rewards will be prevented if both their and their friends’ email addresses are the same.

b. Same IP

Your advocates’ rewards will be prevented if their and their friends’ IP addresses are the same (for IP address is a unique number assigned to a device, having the same IP address most probably means using the same device).

c. Same first name and last name

Your advocates’ rewards will be prevented if their and their friends’ first and last names are the same.
Please keep in mind that there still is a possibility of two different people happening to share the same first and last name

4. Assign tags to orders/customers on Shopify

This feature can help you tell referral orders from normal orders on Shopify by adding specific referral tags to them.

5. Language

This is where you can set up multiple languages of the Referral Displays for advocates and their friends/customers to see (Widget, Custom Page, Post-purchase Pop-up, and Email). There are 10 languages available for you to choose from and will only work if your store supports multi-language.
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