Email templates
We have created a list of email templates that will be sent under a variety of situations caused by affiliates' action.
To customize the email contents, go to Notification tab and click on the email type that you want to edit.
Plus, by switching on/off the button in Status section in each email template, you can easily enable or disable any emails to be sent.
There are eight email templates to choose from:
Email type
Sent when
Affiliates Review
An affiliate signs up an account and waits to be reviewed
Approved Affiliates
An affiliate is approved
Denied Affiliates
An affiliate is denied
Added Affiliates
An affiliate is added/imported to the program or sign up in post purchase popup
New Conversion
A conversion is recorded
Approved Conversion
A conversion is approved
Denied Conversion
A conversion is rejected
Commission Payout
A commission is marked as paid
Note: Your affiliates will receive emails from us at [email protected] by default. To use your own email as a sender email, go here to read the instructions.
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