Common Terms

Commonly used terms in BixGrow

1. Affiliate Portal

A page that can later be embedded into your store to recruit affiliates for your program. It can either be a landing page to give a quick explanation of how your program works, a sign-up page, or a log-in page for your affiliates.

2. Affiliate Program

A group that helps you categorize and manage affiliates with ease. You can set a default commission rate for each program. There are also many advanced program settings for special commission rules!

3. Referral Order

A successful order brought by an affiliate.
Links that are respectively auto-generated when affiliates join the program and will then be used to promote.

5. Coupon

Another means for your affiliates to promote besides links.

6. Network Commission

The commission affiliates receive when the downlines they recruited to the Multi-level Marketing network bring back orders.
The customers' information, such as purchasing habits and website preferences left when they visit your store.
Cookie Duration is the maximum number of days (typically 30-90 days) between the last click and the order, at which the affiliate will get a commission for the referral order. As long as that customer uses the same device and browser, and no other affiliate link or coupon is used when the order is placed, the cookie won't be overwritten and will give the respective affiliate a commission!
For example, you set the cookie duration to 30 days. Thus, within 30 days, the customer places an order even if not via an affiliate link, the respective affiliate will receive a commission. NO conversions will be recorded if the customer purchases not via an affiliate link from day 31 onwards.