Settings > Advanced

1. W-9 Form

Enabling this feature allows you to easily collect your affiliates' W-9 forms if they are US residents or required to fill in this form for tax filing purposes.
You will first need to enable it by clicking this button.
You can also select which email address should you receive the signed forms by clicking Configure.

2. Multiple sign-up pages

This is what allows you to have different sign-up pages for different affiliate programs at the same time!

3. Track Pending Referral Orders

This is where you can choose to Record Pending Orders as successful referrals even though they weren't paid for or marked as paid on Shopify.

4. Sale data (optional but important)

This is where you can choose which sale data should be used and displayed to your affiliates regarding commission calculation - your Total Sales on Shopify or Commissionable Sales in BixGrow.