Affiliates > Coupons
This is where you can manually assign coupons to affiliates. The affiliates get coupon commissions when customers place orders using these coupons at checkout, regardless of any affiliate link usage.
To assign coupons to affiliates, you must first click this Add coupon button.
You can either Use an existing coupon, or Add a new coupon.

1. Use an existing coupon

You must go to the Discounts tab in your Shopify admin > Create Discount first.
Now select the affiliate you want to assign and fill in the Discount you just created.
You can give the same Program's coupon commission for this coupon, or create a new Custom commission.

2. Add a new coupon

You must first select the affiliate you want to assign and fill in a new coupon code that hasn't been created before. For coupon types, you can choose between Percentage, Fixed amount, or Free shipping. Which exclusive products or collections should the coupon apply to can also be selected.
There are advanced options for you to require a Minimum purchase amount for the coupon to be available for use and its Usage limits too. An extra Note for the affiliate can also be added. For example, this is how I set up so that the assigned affiliate can use this coupon once and not the customers, also not receiving any additional commission for the order using this coupon:
  • Usage limits: Limit number of times this discount can be used in total - 1
  • Coupon code commission: Custom commission - 0%
  • Note for the affiliate: This is for your personal use only!

3. Delete an affiliate coupon

Please keep in mind that an assigned coupon's commission amount can be edited, but not the coupon code. If you want to edit its code, you must delete the current code and then assign a new one.
To delete a coupon, you must first click this Delete button.
We highly recommend you check the Delete this coupon on Shopify checkbox, as it will prevent potential misuse of the coupon without you knowing.