How to Make Payouts

Payouts > Pay affiliates
Here you'll find a list of bill-generated commissions for you to base on and pay your affiliates. For each commission amount, we offer all information you need to make payments including the payment amounts, payment methods selected by affiliates, and a Pay button depending on the said payment methods.

Step 1: Generate a bill

You'll first need to click the Generate bill button.
You can generate a bill for all approved orders so far or until a specific date only. You can also use filters to find payouts that you need to make: program, affiliate, minimum amount, and payment method.
This is how it looks when a bill is successfully generated:

Step 2: Review the bill

You can click the bill just created and check to make sure the commission amount and all payment info were generated correctly.
If it's not correct, please click this Edit button and make the needed changes, or click Delete to create a new bill instead.

Step 3: Pay affiliates

Based on the bill generated and reviewed, you can proceed to pay your affiliates using the payment methods they selected: Manual Payment or In-app Payment.
Once all 3 steps are completed, the payout's billing status in BixGrow will change from Unpaid to Paid and our system will send the affiliate an email notification of the payout.