BixGrow is an effective referral marketing tool to boost sales for Shopify merchants, and this is how it works!

Stage 1: Set up

BixGrow offers a default referral program.
The merchant:
  • Set up rewards, and customize how the referral program is displayed to customers
  • Activate the program
  • Set up email notifications and Fraud Protection if needed

Stage 2: Review

  • Advocates sign up for the referral program
  • The merchant reviews and decides to keep them or not

Stage 3: Promote

  • Refer friends of the products or services

Stage 4: Earn

Advocates' friends place orders using referral links
BixGrow tracks the successful referral orders and informs the merchant & advocates
The merchant reviews the orders

Stage 5: Pay

BixGrow auto-generates discounts for advocates and sends them via emails