How conversions are recorded

This is where you can keep track of what affiliates bring back to your shop, including Commissions, Clicks, and Customers.

1. Commissions

A commission is calculated when an order is recorded to be placed via an affiliate link (directly/indirectly but during the time period of cookie duration) or using an affiliate coupon at checkout. The order also had to be marked as paid on Shopify. There are the order's date, order number, the affiliate who brought the order, order's total sale, commission amount, commission status, payment status, order's tracking method and actions (approve/deny/view commission details).
An example of different statuses and commission details:

2. Clicks

This is where you can see the list of clicks on all affiliate links. There are the click's date, insights (customer's used device, browser and OS), the affiliate whose link was clicked, referrer URL (if the link was clicked on another site and not directly accessed - for example, Facebook), and destination URL which is the exact link that was clicked.
You can also filter the results by date, affiliate, country or channel.

3. Customers

This is where you can see the list of customers brought by all affiliates.