The Advanced Pop-up contains a header image and the invitation content below as well as the button at the end. When customers click on this button, they will be automatically registered as affiliates and the referral link & coupon will be displayed on the pop-up. Simultaneously, a welcome email with referral link, login link and password will be sent to customers.
There are six customization options available in Advanced popup template:
  • Header Image
  • Content
  • Button
  • Referral Link and Coupon
  • Sharing Options
  • Other Configuration

Header Image

In this section, you can change and upload the image that appears on the Pop-up. You can also customize the image size (width and height).


The Content sections provides you with an option to customize the title and invitation content including the font, color and text.
You can change the invitation content based on your program offer.


In Button section, you can edit the text, color and border radius of the button at the end of pop-up.
In this section, you can choose to show referral link or coupon (or both) on the pop-up after customers click the button. Plus, you can edit the text of Affiliate Link and Coupon Code label.

Sharing Options

In terms of Sharing Options, you can allow pop-up to be shared in some social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn). You can also edit the content of sharing message on the platforms.

Other Configuration

In the Other Configuration section, you can add six additional options to the Pop-up:
  • Close on background click: Click outside the pop-up to close it
  • Embed in the page: invitation is embedded in the "thank you" page (instead of showing pop-up)
  • Show only once per customer: each customer only sees pop-up for once
  • Program: select the program you want to invite customers to join
  • Only display if order value is more than: enter the minimum order value that allows pop-up to be displayed
  • Extra CSS: Add your custom CSS to have further customization.
Finally, click Save.