The Basic Pop-up offers the most basic layout options. This pop-up is simply just an image that can point to your affiliate portal, meaning that customers click on the image and get to the sign-up page.
There are three customization options available in Basic popup template:
  • Header Image
  • Image Click
  • Other Configuration

Header Image

In this section, you can change and upload an image that appears on the Pop-up. You can also customize the image size (width and height).

Image Click

For Image Click option, you are allowed to edit the URL that will open up when customers click on the image. We set this to registration page of your default program by default, you can change the link for other programs if you want.
There is also an option for you to choose to open the URL in the same window or new tab.

Other Configuration

In the Other Configuration section, you can add three additional options to the Pop-up:
  • Close on background click: Click outside the pop-up to close it
  • Embed in the page: invitation is embedded in the "thank you" page (instead of showing pop-up)
  • Show only once per customer: each customer only sees pop-up for once
Finally, click Save.