Add a custom affiliate link
This feature allows you to add a custom affiliate link for an affiliate that does not contain the ref code. This custom affiliate link is only created to provide the affiliate a clean-looking URL when promoting to customers. This link is still redirected to the default affiliate link, therefore, this feature is only about changing how the link looks, not its direction.
For example, you can change the link to match your affiliate name. The link would look more professional when promoting.

How to add?

To add a custom affiliate link for an affiliate, visit Affiliates tab > Affiliate List, locate the affiliate you want > click on their name.
After that, in Overview tab, click on Add custom affiliate link button.
Next, type in the path you want on the right box, for example, affiliate name.
Finally, click Save. Now your affiliate has a new custom affiliate link that does not contain ref code and still redirects to the default affiliate link.
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How to add?