How an affiliate account page looks?

How to login as an affiliate

As a merchant, you can login as your affiliates to view how their account looks like by going to Affiliates tab > Affiliate List > locate the affiliate account you want to see > Login as affiliate button (the green button) on Actions column.

How an affiliate account page looks


In Dashboard, you can view the program details and overview of your affiliates performance including click, orders, revenue and commission. Plus, affiliate link (default and custom), coupon and network link are also displayed.


In Conversions, you can see the details of the conversions such as total sales, commission and explanation of how commission is calculated. Affiliates can not change the status of the conversion in here.


There are two sections in Payouts, the fist one is to show payments that have been paid by merchants.
You can see commission of each order by click Details button on Actions column > Orders
If your affiliates select the Store Credit for payment method, in Store Credit tab, they can see the generated code and they can generate code in here if you allow them generate themself.


In Network tab, total network commission of affiliates can be seen, along with number of downline affiliates they have as well as downline affiliates' performance.

Marketing Resources

In Marketing Resources, all the assets can be used to promote merchant's products are shown.


In Settings tab, profile details of affiliates can be filled.
Plus, payment method can be set up in here. Also, password can be reset.