Automatic coupon
Settings > Coupons

Create coupon code automatically

This feature is used to automatically create coupon code for every signed up affiliate. To enable this feature, go to Coupons tab and scroll down, you will see Setup Automatic Coupons.
Note: You must set up Automatic Coupon to activate the Auto-generated coupon feature.
To set up a rule for Automatic Coupon, click Change.

Automatic Coupon

In Automatic Coupon, you will set up a sample coupon with the rule that will be applied to all future auto-generated coupons. This means that all future affiliates registered for your programs will automatically be assigned a coupon code that has the same rule as the sample coupon.
To set up the sample coupon, you can choose two options: use an existing coupon on Shopify or add a brand new coupon.

Use an existing coupon

To set up a sample coupon by using an existing coupon, you just have to enter the existing coupon you want on Shopify. Then choose the automatic coupon style (based on affiliate name or just random letters). Finally, click Add coupon.
If you have not created a coupon on Shopify admin page, here's how it's done:
Go to Shopify admin page > Discounts > Create discount > Discount code (do not choose the buy X get Y discount type).

Add a new coupon

To set up a sample coupon by creating a new coupon, follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Type your desired code for the affiliate
  2. 2.
    Select the discount type and fill in the discount amount
  3. 3.
    Choose automatic coupon style (based on affiliate name or just random letters)
  4. 4.
    Click Add coupon
By doing these steps, our system will automatically generate this sample coupon on Shopify admin page for you.
Now you have successfully set up a sample coupon. All future affiliates registered, added or imported to the programs will have one coupon with the same rule. However, existing affiliates won't get this coupon.