Klaviyo is a marketing automation software for e-commerce. You'll be able to fully automate your marketing campaigns and boost them with the support of your affiliates after the integration procedure is complete. You can designate your affiliates to one of the Klaviyo lists and send them campaigns to enhance their engagement by connecting Klaviyo with BixGrow.
In order to integrate with Klaviyo, you will need to get the Klaviyo API key of your Klaviyo account. Here're three steps to connect with Klaviyo.

1. Sign up or log in to your Klaviyo account here

2. Create your list

On your Klaviyo dashboard, click on Lists and Segments tab > Create list/segment button to add a new list.
Next, select List and fill in the list name.
Finally, click Create List.

3. Get the Klaviyo API Key

To get the API Key, locate the top right of the screen and click on Account.
On Settings tab, click API Keys.
If you haven't created any API keys in your account, create a new one by clicking on Create Private API Key.
Now, copy the API key and go back to BixGrow. Paste the key into the API Key box and select the List you've just created.
Finally, click Save and Sync to complete the integration.