Store credit
Store Credit is a payment option which you can pay commission to affiliates in the form of a Store coupon code This store discount code cannot be transferred into cash and can only be used to purchase products in your store.
To activate Store Credit as a payment method, visit Settings > Payment > switch on the Status button of Store Credit.
To make payments to affiliates using Store Credit, visit Payouts tab > Give Discount Code.
Our system will then automatically generate a random coupon code with the exact commission amount you have to send your affiliates. Affiliates can view this code in their affiliate account > Payouts > Store Credit.

Allow affiliates to redeem the coupon code themself

You can have an option to not automatically generate the coupon code. Instead, you can allow your affiliates to create the coupon code themself from their store credit wallet.
To activate this feature, click on self-generating coupon while setting up Store Credit in Settings > Payment.
Then switch on the Enable button.
In here, you can set up the minimum and maximum amount that affiliates can redeem coupon code.
Also, you can configure the redemption multipliers, which can allow you to increase or decrease the amount that affiliates can generate. For example, if you set up this to be 2, affiliates can create coupon code of double their commission amount.
Plus, you can set up a prefix that appears first in all created coupon code.
Now, to send payments to affiliates, visit Payouts tab > Add credit.
After that, on Affiliate account > Payouts > Store Credit, this commission amount will be added to affiliate store credit wallet. Affiliates can now enter the coupon value they want to get.
Note: These coupon codes can only be used by affiliates when purchasing products on your store