Lifetime Commission

Programs > Edit > Advanced Rules

1. What is Lifetime Commission?

Lifetime Commission allows your affiliates to benefit from all subsequent orders from a customer that they initially referred to your store, therefore making a great incentive for affiliates to promote your business. Also, with Lifetime Commission, there is no need for a link/coupon or cookie for BixGrow to track which affiliate is attributed to the commission!
For example, you have Lifetime Commission set up for affiliate A. A brings customer John to your store and John places an order via A's link. A few days later, John places another order - this time via affiliate B's link. A is again credited for this order and not B. A couple of months later, John returns to your store just again - this time on a different device and not using any affiliate links. A is also attributed again.

2. How to set up

To set up Lifetime Commission, you must first go to Programs > Edit > Advanced Rules and enable this feature.
Now let's see the list of customers brought by your affiliates here at Conversions > Customers.
In this example, affiliate Mary brought customer Jill to your store. Since you set up Lifetime Commission, all subsequent orders from Jill regardless of the affiliate links he uses will be credited to Mary.