Log in as an affiliate

As a merchant, you can log in as your affiliates to view their dashboards and check if all settings and displays are alright. To do so, you must first click this Log in as affiliate button.


In Dashboard, you can view the affiliate's performance including clicks, orders, total sales, and commissions in detailed status. Affiliate links (default and custom), coupons, and bonuses that the affiliate is eligible to earn are also displayed.

Program Directory

This is a complete summary of what all affiliates need to know about their affiliate programs.


In Conversions, you can see commissions, clicks, and customers brought by the affiliate. Please keep in mind that affiliates can only view the commissions and explanations, they are unable to review or change the commissions' status.


In Payouts, you can see a list of payments that you paid the affiliate and their explanation.
If your affiliate selected Store Credit as a payment method, then in the Store Credit tab, they can see their generated coupons and generate new ones by themselves if allowed here.


In Network, the affiliate's network link and total network commission can be seen, along with performance on all levels and the affiliate tree.

Promotion Assets

This is where affiliates can customize their own default links by adding tracking parameters or renaming them. To customize a default affiliate link, you must first click this Customize button.
Then tick the Add tracking parameters box if you need it for further tracking purposes (for example, Google Analytics). 3 tracking IDs can be added max to find out which channels are more effective for the affiliate to promote.
Now Submit your affiliate has a new affiliate link that has tracking parameters added! These IDs will then be viewable in Conversions > Clicks for you to see the original channels that the clicks came from after you enabled tracking IDs' columns.
You can also shorten the affiliate link to your own liking or follow the affiliate's name to tell them out.
Normally, a default affiliate link directs to your store, so this feature is extremely useful when you want to change the link to direct to a specific product or a collection page.
To create a product link as an affiliate, you must first click Create now.
Next, select Product/Collection and search for the product you want this link to direct to, then click Create. Or you can select Others if you want to directly paste the product page's link in.
You can also shorten the affiliate link to your own liking or follow the product's name to tell them out.
Now, this affiliate can use a link that directs straight to your products or services!

3. Affiliate Coupon

This is where affiliates can edit their coupon codes if allowed.

4. Creatives

Here all the marketing assets that you uploaded to help affiliates promote in the Creatives tab of your own dashboard can be viewed and used.


In Settings, the affiliate's profile information can be added or edited.
Plus, payment and sign-in methods can be set up or changed here.