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We have ten email templates to be sent automatically by default to the affiliates for most common cases.
Sent when
Affiliates Review
An affiliate signs up and waits to be reviewed
Approved Affiliates
An affiliate is approved
Denied Affiliates
An affiliate is denied
Added Affiliates
An affiliate is added to the program or signs up using post-purchase pop-up
Affiliate Verification
An affiliate signs up and needs to verify the email address
New Conversion
A conversion is recorded
Approved Conversion
A conversion is approved
Denied Conversion
A conversion is denied
Commission Payout
A commission is marked as paid
New Assigned Coupon
A coupon is manually assigned to or auto-generated for an affiliate
All emails are to be automatically sent by default. To turn them off, uncheck this checkbox or go to Affiliate's Notifications.
To customize the email contents, just click the template's name and edit.
Your affiliates will receive emails from [email protected] by default. Click here to change the sender's email.
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