Manual Payouts
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This is where you can mark approved commissions as paid once you're done with the manual payment.
BixGrow just supports collecting required affiliates' information so that you can make payments outside the app. You CAN'T make in-app payments except with Store Credit.
If you haven't set up payment methods, follow the instructions here.
If you want to set a minimum commission threshold affiliates must accumulate to get paid, type the desired amount in the Minimum payout box. You can then filter commissions eligible for payouts.
To view all attributed commission details of an affiliate, click this Details button.
Now for payments in Store Credit, there are two available scenarios:
  • You allowed affiliates to generate coupons using the store credits they have: Click this Add credit button to add the credit to the affiliate's Store Credit balance.
  • You didn't affiliates to generate coupons using the store credits they have: Click this Give discount code button to directly convert the Store Credit into a discount code and give it to the affiliate.
This is how the discounts are displayed in the Affiliate Dashboard:
For other payment methods, you must first click this Mark as paid button.
A pop-up with the affiliate's payment information will appear. You can now use this information to make the payment outside BixGrow. Additional notes for you and the affiliate can also be filled in (transaction ID, time, reminder,...). When you've finished, tick the I guarantee that payout will be transferred outside of this app checkbox and click Create payment.
All the paid commissions will be shown in the Payment History tab. You can also undo the payment status, or download an invoice here.
When a commission is paid, it will appear in the affiliate's account as follows:
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