Paypal Payouts
To pay your affiliates automatically, visit Settings tab > Integration and set up your PayPal Integration. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to integrate with PayPal here.

Process automatic payouts

Once you have successfully integrated your PayPal account with BixGrow, you can process automatic payouts via Payouts tab > Paypal Payouts.
You can choose to pay one affiliate at a time or use bulk mode to pay all affiliates at once.
  • To pay one affiliate at a time, click Review and Confirm button on Actions column
  • To pay all affiliates at once, select multiple affiliates (by ticking the box at left of affiliate name)and click on Bulk mode
Next, a pop up is shown when processing payouts with total amount & total affiliates with each affiliate payment information. You are required to fill in the email subject and wallet pasword that you set when integrating with Paypal.
Finally, click Send Money to process payouts.