PayPal Payouts

Payouts > PayPal Payouts

1. PayPal Payouts Process

Step 1: The merchant goes to Settings > Payment and set up PayPal integration (a step-by-step guide on how to integrate your PayPal account here).
Step 2: BixGrow provides a PayPal information form for your affiliates to fill in their PayPal emails.
Step 3: The merchant pays in-app with PayPal
Step 4: BixGrow sends the affiliate an email notification of the PayPal payout including transaction details.

2. Pay in-app with PayPal

Once you have successfully integrated your PayPal account with BixGrow in Step 1, this is Step 3 where you can process in-app payouts. You can pay one or all affiliates at a time using Bulk mode.
To pay an affiliate, you must first click the Review and Confirm button.
Now fill in all required information and click the Send Money button.