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To know how to manually assign an affiliate coupon, go to Coupons.
As for auto-generated coupons, you must first set up the rules that our system can use to later generate coupons following those rules for your future affiliates, for example - how much of a discount should the coupons give, or their names' format.
Advanced rules can also be applied to auto-generated coupons, such as which products/collections the coupons can apply to, the minimum amount an order to be applicable to coupons, or the coupons' usage limits.
Please note that you WON'T give double commissions for orders even when a customer uses both an affiliate link and coupon to place an order. In case both are used, the order will only give a default commission once.
Auto-applied Coupon is auto-applied when customers use affiliate links to place orders. The first coupon assigned to each affiliate will become their auto-applied coupon by default.
You can also Allow affiliates to edit coupon codes.