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This is where you can add a new custom payment method besides the ones you set up in each program. You must first click the Add a new custom payment method button.
Click a method's name to preview its payment information form for affiliates.
Also, you can click the Add field button and make it required for affiliates to provide payment details such as the cardholder's address, ZIP code,... etc.

PayPal allows you to pay your affiliates in a few seconds. Before we begin, please keep in mind that a PayPal business account is required for integration. Click here to learn more.

Log in to your PayPal account with your email address and password.

Visit My Account, scroll down and click Enable in the Live column.
To get this certified, you need to contact PayPal (it can take from hours to days). PayPal will send you an email to let you know that your request is being reviewed. Once you've been approved, the API will be marked with a green check mark, indicating that Payouts API is live.

Go to My Apps & Credentials, switch from Sandbox to Live mode, and then click Create App.
Next, fill in the app name (BixGrow) and click Create App.
Now, you will see your Client ID and Secret, which will be used in the next step.

Return to BixGrow > Settings > Payment > click the Setup button.
Then, enter the Client ID and Secret in Step 3 and create a strong wallet password that will be required to fill when you process payments. It secures your credentials since we don't have access to your money. To keep your payouts safe, every access to your PayPal Payouts API will require a payment password.
Also, tick on the two boxes to agree that our app will securely store your information and use these credentials to transfer money outside of your PayPal account. Finally, click Save.
To know how to make in-app payouts with Paypal integration, click here.

This is where you can allow affiliates to redeem coupon codes with their Store Credit balance if they already have Store Credit as the commission payment method. You can also set up a Minimum/Maximum redeemable amount, the times should the redemption amount multiply, or add a prefix to the generated coupon codes to differentiate them from your other coupons.
Click here to see how affiliates redeem coupon codes with their Store Credit balance!

This is where you and/or your affiliates can enable downloading payout invoices for accounting purposes.
You can also edit the invoice template with the aid of available variables.

This is where you can decide if VAT is included in the affiliate commission calculation, and who should pay it.

This is where you can add a minimum threshold of the total commission amount an affiliate has to earn before being able to receive payouts.
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